Easter without Dad

By John Siedenberg II


After the tragic death of Tommy's Dad, Tommy is a wreck, especially since his Dad loved Easter. This year Tommy is in an Easter play and he is very upset. But as the rehearsal of the Easter Play progresses, he starts to realize that He isn't going to have an Easter without Dad!
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*Robber #1
* Parts marked with a * can be played by the main 5 characters.


Once there was a child by the name of Tommy. Tommy had a special relationship with his dad. They did everything together from hiking to changing a tire. One special thing they did every Easter was to visit the churches that have plays. Since Tommy's Mother was always away on business trips, Tommy and his Dad were always together. One day he came home from school to discover his Father had been killed in a car accident. When Easter came around he was beside himself with emptiness, especially since he and his friends were doing a play this year and his Dad was supposed to come see it. This was his first Easter without Dad!


Scene 1

(The set is a "clubhouse" that the club has formed. It has a TV, couches and in the center there is a Stage with props on it. Tom is on the stage praying towards the audience and the lights come up as he finishes praying)

Tom: And please be with me this Easter, Amen. Well either I'm really early, or the others are really late!

(Josh, Tera,Cj, And Jamie enter as he says this)

Jamie: Hey Tommy, you okay? You're early!

Cj: (kidding) There has to be something wrong!

Josh: (Jumping onto the stage using a fake microphone) Welcome back to WONDER-HOUSE! Today we're going to-

Tera: (notices that Tommy is upset) Tommy, what's wrong?

Tom: (Trying to ignore them) Oh, nothing!

Cj: Sure there is, you've been crying!

Tom: (Quickly to avoid breaking down) My dad … (stops for a second) My Dad has always gone to the Easter plays around town. Ever since the … (he can't go on from the pain)

(Kids are upset)

Tom: (Putting on coat and preparing to leave) I'd better go. I'm holding up the rehearsal.

Jamie: No you're not. Tommy, we need you!

Tom: You all know how Dad was…(pause) about a month ago. Well this is the first play that he has not made it to and he had always wanted to see me perform in a Easter play, you all know how he loved Easter!

Tera: Yha, we know. And well be here if you need us. Let's pray for you!

Tom: Okay

(they all gather around Tommy and Josh says)

Josh: Lord, we ask you to come and comfort Tommy, he needs you very much right now! In your name Amen!

All: (Minus Josh) Amen

Tom: Thanks guys, I feel better. Now, let's get started with rehearsal.

Cj: Are you sure?

Tom: Yeah!

Jamie: Okay, In your places EVERYONE!

Tom: (Drying his eyes) Easter Play, Take 1, Action!


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