It Is Finished

By John Siedenberg


This story starts with an Easter Presentation by children. Two friends watching it discuss the problems of life. Throughout the show they go over the Easter story and realize that God is always there!

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(In order of appearance)
Narrator #1
Narrator #2
*Jesus #2
Mary (Mother of Jesus)
Mary (Lazarus' Sister)
Angel #1
Angel #2
Mary Magdalene
Jewish People
*Jesus #2 can be used if you have two look a-likes, one could be the crucified Jesus, and the other, the "alive" Jesus

**Disciples- There can be as many and few Disciples as you wish. There MUST be Peter, James, and John.
***Soldiers- Some of the Soldiers can also be Crowd members or Jewish people. But there MUST be a few soldiers


Act I, Scene I

(The scene opens in a church service on Easter Sunday. There is a group of children on stage performing an Easter skit. D.L. are several chairs with parent's seat in them watching their children perform the skit. As the lights come up, the song "Still Her Little Child" starts. Through the songs the parent's attention is fixed upon the children as they perform. At the conclusion of the song, the PASTOR comes forward and speaks to the "congregation.")

Pastor: Well, this concludes our Easter Presentation; I would like to thank each of you for coming out. Let us not forget what this day is all about. Let's not forget that Jesus died and rose again so that you could have life more abundantly. May God bless each of you.

(As the congregation leaves, two of the parents begin a conversation….)

Narr #1: The children's Program was sure wonderful this year!

Narr #2: (Obviously troubled) I guess so

Narr #1: The way they portrayed the gospel so powerful. Who would have thought that our children could be used by God to bring forth the message of his son!!

Narr #2: (Still bothered) Sure, who'd thought?

Narr #1: The costumes were wonderful and the kids looked so professional. It just seemed to bring the message to life.

Narr #2: Life?

Narr #1: (Name), what's wrong?

Narr #2: Nothing

Narr #1: Come on (Name) we've been friends for a long time, I can tell that something is bothering you. Would you care to talk about it?

Narr#2: Well while we watched the children perform, I couldn't help but think about the story itself.

(End of the Sample)


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