Judas Iscariot

By Marshall Marsden


Judas explains why he handed Jesus over to the authorities.




I was born in southern Judah, Kerioth. That is a dry and desolate area in the Negev. My name means 'Praise' and that is what I did as a youth. Praised the Lord. I came north to learn about the world and became an accountant.

When Jesus chose me, I saw in his eyes that he was someone special. He sent me out, with the others to go to the lost, the confused in our own neighbourhood. He instructed us not to be dramatic and try to tackle the big things that were troubling the citizens, he told us to announce that the kingdom is here. We were to bring health to the sick, raise the dead, touch the untouchables and kick out demons.

It seemed from the beginning that I would have a little trouble with some of these tasks, for how could Jesus say we were not to tackle the big things when in the next breath he tells us to 'raise the dead'? How could I do that? The dead are dead and then judgement. What if I did happen to raise a dead man, as if I could! And he had already been judged? What then. As for touching the untouchables - well - they are untouchable.

He also said we don't need to put on some fund-raising campaign to pay our way or to buy equipment. 'You are the equipment,' he said. We-e-e-ll, with my background in accounting, I knew that an organisation cannot function without some kind of income, so I worked out a way whereby the disciples could be funded for the little things they needed. Don't ask me how!

Right from the beginning I knew I was in the presence of God. Jesus somehow had this presence, and all that he said and did lined up with the scriptures. Not only that, he was proven right time and time again.

Let me give you an example. His birth had been forecast in 2Samuel, 7:12-13, where it is written 'When your days come to an end and you sleep with your ancestors, I will establish one of your descendents to succeed you, one of your own flesh and blood; and I will set up his rulership.' Now this shows Jesus' is descended from King David.

I know Jesus is the new King of Israel. I only wished he would show some sign of establishing his Kingdom. I become impatient. His miracles show all who can see that He is the chosen one of God.

Another thing, Micah 5:2 says 'But you, Bethlehem near Ephratah, so small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come forth to me the future ruler of Israel, whose origins are far in the past, back in ancient times' This shows he will have eternal existence. Psalm2:7 proves him to be the Son of God. It reads 'I will proclaim the decree: God said to me, "You are my son: today I became your father.' When, oh when will he choose his army? We, his disciples, have sat at his feet these last three years, listening to his words and seeing with our own eyes that he is indeed the Messiah for whom the whole of Israel has been waiting these three thousand years.

You know, I have a sneaking suspicion that I, Judas, am the only one among these thick disciples who knows Jesus' true identity. I believe him. I love him as a friend and I know he is the Messiah…only I wish he would make his move. Surely, now he has chosen his captains and trained us for the last three years, he will be soon asking us to start recruiting His army. I know of at least fifty men who would love to see the back end of the Romans. Oh, what a rout that would be!

Last week though, he made His triumphal entry to Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. Our Messiah should have ridden a white stallion. All week he has been telling of his impending death. He cannot die, yet. He has so much to do. We must see the end of the Roman Empire. 'Romans out', that is the cry of the people, but they are too weak, except Barrabas, he's got it all together. If only we, with Jesus could join forces, ah then there would be a battle.

I'm going to the priests now, and I'm going to tell them who Jesus really is, so that they will rejoice that the Messiah has come at last. Glory be to God, our Lord and King.


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