The Sculpture

By Julia Wheeler


A mime. A simple reconstruction of the scene at Calvary. It is not obvious at first what is going on, but by the end all is clear.


Sculptor, Jesus, John, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mocker, Unbeliever, 2 Guards.


Red ribbon to hang from Jesus hands. Chair for Jesus to stand on. If possible, have a violin playing 'When I survey the wondrous cross' or 'Amazing Grace'.


The chair sits in the middle at the back, the eight people lined up behind it. The Sculptor looks at them thinking, then decides. All characters must keep faces straight, and only move to where the sculptor puts them.

Sculptor moves Mary Magdalene forward and kneels her to the right and facing the chair, right hand up to her mouth looking just above the chair.

Sculptor moves John forward, and stands him further back than Mary Magdalene, on the left of the chair. Raise his right arm, and curl the hand round. Turn his head to look down and to the right. Left arm across stomach to touch the air.

Sculptor moves Mocker forward and stands them in the middle further back than John. Raise right arm, curl fingers under so index finger points out. Left hand on hip, slightly leaning back, face turns into a laugh.

As sculptor walks to next person, stop at Mary Madalene and raise the left hand to reach out to a point above the chair. Sculptor moves guard 1 forward and stands him to the left of the chair, next to it. Cross his arms across his chest, head staring forward.

Sculptor moves Unbeliever forward, and stands him to the right, level with John. Face him to the right (back to the chair), and raise his left hand behind him, palm up, blocking the view to the chair. Look the face away over right shoulder.

Sculptor moves guard 2 forward and stands him to the right of the chair, level with guard 1. Cross his arms across his chest, head staring forward.

Sculptor moves Mary forward, and stands her underneath John's arm, so that John is comforting her. Raise her right hand to cover her eyes and look down as though crying, and her left arm, put around John's waist.

Sculptor moves Jesus forward, and stands him on the chair. Looks forward, and one arm at a time raise them straight out.

Sculptor walks toward the audience then turns and surveys the scene. He nods and then kneels down, hands in praying position looking up at Jesus.

Jesus opens his hands, and the red ribbons fall, and dangle from his finger. Hold the scene for as long as possible.


© Copyright Julia Wheeler, all rights reserved.
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Happy sharing the message of Jesus!