What if…?

By StreetSignz


Three people are playing a word game called "What if?". They are trying to figure out what the world would be like if something had not happened. The nearness of Easter prompts the question, what if Jesus had not been crucified.


3 people


(Two/three people sitting/moving around over drinks and nibbles playing a game of What if…? )

1: Alright here's one for you. What if… the titanic had never sunk? What would the world be like?

2: People would probably take more cruise ships tours.

3: And Leonardo di Caprio wouldn't be "King of the World!"

1: Not a bad thing. Want any more? (goes to get some more food, including hot cross buns)

2/3: Yep!

3: Umm. What if… every TV programme was some sort of reality show??

1: Doesn't count. Has to be something that didn't actually happen. (Sitting back down). Everything's either a reality show, news show or a repeat.

2: Okay. (sitting forward). Its almost Easter right? (others nod/ say 'yeh a') Okay. What if… the crowd had not chosen Barabbas?

3: Who's Barabbas?

2: You know. Pontius Pilate had Jesus and Barabbas brought before the crowd and told them that he would let one of them go free and the other would be crucified. And the crowd chose Barabbas so Jesus got nailed to the cross. Didn't you guys every watch the TV movies on Easter??

1: Wasn't Barabbas a really bad guy?

2: I think so. So… What if?

3: I guess Jesus wouldn't have been crucified. He gets to go home and do whatever he was doing before. Preaching and stuff. And the bad guy gets what he deserves.

1: But Jesus was preaching he was going to die to save everyone. Isn't the whole Christian message thing about him being innocent yet dying so we, who aren't exactly innocent, could live, if only we believe. How does that work if he goes free and lives to a ripe old age?

3: And then there's the whole resurrection after three days. Hard to do when you're already alive and well. (pause to contemplate)

3: (more seriously) It would change everything. All of history. People have changed their lives because they believe in it. It's just so huge, you couldn't comprehend a world like that! (to 2) That is so profound!

2: True! And I know one thing for sure.

1/3: What's that?

2: (grabs a hot cross bun) You wouldn't have crosses on your hot cross buns.

(General throwing of pillows/cushions at 2)

Lights out.


Copyright, StreetSignz - Street City Church, Wellington, New Zealand, all rights reserved.
This script may be performed without royalty payment, provided no charge is made for admission to the performance. In return the author would like to be told of any performance. He may be contacted at streetsignz@hotmail.com