A Father's Love

By Cindy Hagen


A couple meets up with a carpenter who gets them thinking about what an important role their fathers have played in their lives up to that point. In a dramatic twist, it is discovered that the man they've met up with is no ordinary carpenter.

Setting - A coffee house


Steve - a middle-aged man
Amy - his wife
Jes - a carpenter


(JES is sitting at a table, patiently waiting, doodling in a nootbook. STEVE and AMY enter looking around.)

AMY: That must be him over there...(pointing to JES)

STEVE: Youíre probably right, hon. (To JES). Hi, My name is Steve Anderson and this is my wife Amy. Are you with Higher Ground Construction?

JES: Yes, my name is Jes, please to meet you. (ALL SIT)

AMY: Weíre so glad youíre going to be able to help us with our building project - we could never get it all done on our own!

STEVE: Yeah, and Iíve heard really great things about your work! Have you been in the construction business long?

JES: Practically all my life.

AMY: Wow, your father must have been a great instructor!

JES: Actually, he wasnít around when I was growing up...

AMY: Really?

STEVE: Wow...growing up without a father...thatís hard to imagine... I remember when I was young my dad used to take me fishing and weíd catch these itty-bitty sunfish - barely bigger than the worms we used to catch them.

AMY: My dad took me out fishing too...but trust me, HE was the one playing with the worms!

JES: (Reflectively) I taught myself how to fish.

AMY: Thatís so sad when kids have to grow up without their dads... I remember when my dad and I went out to fly homemade kites at the park. Mine flew into pieces up in the sky, and dadís got caught in a tree...but we still left the park laughing from all the fun weíd had.

STEVE: Yeah, and I remember when my father took me to the baseball diamond for the first time. He had me stand on the pitcherís mound and taught me just the right way to pitch a fast ball to him...boy, when he connected Iíll tell you...that ball went flying! It was then I realized just how strong he really was.

JES: My fatherís strength was amazing also...in fact, it still is...

STEVE: I thought you said he wasnít with you when you were growing up?

JES: He wasnít, but I still felt his love in my heart.

AMY: Wow...you mean this guy abandoned you as a child and you still give him credit for loving you? My idea of love doesnít include disappearing for years on end!

STEVE: Yeah, and what kind of dad leaves his son to grow up on his own? And why does he deserve such high praise from you?

JES: He may not have been with me - but I knew it was for the right reasons. I knew it was meant to be.

AMY: You are one forgiving man! I still think you really missed out though...Iíll never forget the confidence and pride in my fatherís eyes when he handed me the car keys when I first got my driverís license.

STEVE: My proudest moment was seeing the tears well up in dadís eyes when I walked across the stage at my college graduation. (holding arms up in pride) "First in the family to graduate from college" ya know!

AMY: I only saw tears in my fatherís eyes once - and that was when heíd just finished walking me down the aisle on my wedding day. He really took the words "give this woman away" to heart...by that point, I didnít know if Iíd be able to let go either! Iím sorry, but would you both excuse me for a moment, please. (AMY exits)

JES: Well, I never experienced moments like that in my life, but I understand the feeling of knowing that you are loved. My father may not have raised me, but Iím still proud of everything heís done. I know that his heart is open to many, and the support heís given to others in need is just incredible. I know that when I see him again he will accept me with open arms and fill my soul with the love Iíve been waiting for.

STEVE: When you see him again? Do you have any idea when that will be?

JES: Well...all I can do is rely on the words Iíve been given, "For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory..."

STEVE: Are you trying to say...that he is your father? (pointing to cross or exchanging for the words "that God is your father?")

JES: Yes, and he is looking forward to accepting all of us into his kingdom someday...when the time is right. He sent me here to help you realize that you need to cherish the fathers you have here on earth, and know that you have another father waiting for you with open arms, up in Heaven. (JES exits and Steve is left incredulous, he shakes his head in confusion and disbelief, and slowly bows his head)

AMY: (Returning to stage) Steve, honey, are you ready to go and meet with the carpenter?

STEVE: What? (Shaking head a bit as he wakes up) Oh...uhh, yeah. I just had the strangest dream...

AMY: Well, we need to get going so we arenít late!

STEVE: Sure...but would you mind if we stop out at dadís place when weíre done? I have something to tell him.

AMY: Fine by me, hon. Letís get going.

(STEVE & AMY exit arm in arm)


Copyright Cindy Hagen, all rights reserved.
A minimal royalty fee in the amount of $5 US Dollars for the use of this script should be made payable to Cindy Hagen, and mailed to 619 Starr Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54703, USA. A message about the group who intends to perform the skit would also be appreciated. She may be contacted at iluvkylej@yahoo.com