Momís Day Off

by Joanne Miller


A monologue of a young mother on the phone to her own mother on motherís day.  She relates the mishaps that follow her young children and their father trying to do the chores she normally does.  Then she tells her own mother how much she misses her because this is the first Motherís Day that they are apart.


Judy Ė young mother of 2 small girls


(Scene opens with Judy on the phone talking to her mother on Motherís Day.)

Hi, Mom.  Happy Motherís Day.  Thank you.  How has your day been going?  Good.  Did you get my package?  Great! Oh, yes.  Iíve been waited on hand and foot.  Well, letís see.  I was awakened by Dan, Melissa and Brittany singing ďHappy Motherís Day to youĒ (sings it to the tune of Happy Birthday).  They had my breakfast on a tray.  Oh, it was delicious.  Toast soaked with butter, lukewarm coffee and soggy cheerios.  But it was one of the best breakfasts Iíve ever had.  They also brought me the paper.  Dan said heíd get the girls ready for church so I could just relax.  I think I read half of a small article before Dan came to ask me where Melissaís new pink tights were.  I told him and went back to my article, for about 1 minute.  Then I heard Melissa crying.  I got up to find out what was going on.  It seems PudgyÖ yes, thatís right heís our new little puppy.  Anyway it seems Pudgy had found Melissaís new tights and decided they were missing a few holes in them.  No, they were ruined.  It took a while to calm Melissa down and find her some other tights for her new outfit.  Yes, she was ok.  I told her Iíd get her a new pair tomorrow.  Then Dan told me to go back to my newspaper.

I had just found the WeekEnd Magazine when I heard Brittany demanding her breakfast.  You know how a 2-year-old can be!  Right, patience is not her strong suit, anyway.  Dan called to me and said he could handle it so I stayed in bed, until I heard the crash.  Brittany had gotten tired of waiting and tried to pour the milk herself.  Almost a whole gallon/litre ended up on the floor.  Oh yeah, it was a real mess.  I took Brittany, and Dan cleaned it up.  We finally made it to church. When I went to get Brittany after church she had chocolate all over her face, and one of the fathers had tried to wipe it off her dress.   Oh yes, I put her dress in cold water as soon as we got home.  No, we just had a quick lunch because everyone was hungry.  Thankfully lunch went without any mishaps.  I went and sat out in the yard reading while Dan put the girls down for a nap.  Now Dan is making dinner.  You know what a good cook he is.  Heís making his specialty.  Thatís right Ė Chicken French with sautéed vegetables and creamy potato bake.  Then weíre all going out for ice cream cones.

My day today reminded me of that Motherís Day that Jimmy and I engineered for you.  (Laughing) Yeah, it was one to remember, wasnít it?  Jimmy was so convincing.  I really thought he knew how to hook up that new bathroom light for you.  At least it was just a small fire.  You and Dad were really surprised, werenít you?  (Laughing) Then the next year he wanted me to help him get you a pet.  Remember that?  I think Jimmy missed his calling.  He should have been a salesman instead of a lawyer.  Anyway, we went to see Mr. Barlowe at the Pet Shoppe.  Heís the one who talked Jimmy out of getting you a pet snake.  He told us to buy you some powder instead.  Yes, heís a good friend.  Hey, did Dad take you out to dinner today?  Good.  Did Jimmy, Lindsay and the boys go too?  Great.  What did you order?  Oh, that sounds good. So what are you doing for the rest of the day?  Oh, I didnít mean to interrupt your game.  Iíll let you go. I really just wanted to say Happy Motherís Day to you and to thank you for always being there.  You are the best.   Say hi to Dad and everyone.  I love you, Mom.  (Tone turns very serious here) Listen, Mom, this is the first time Iíve ever been away from you on Motherís Day.  I really miss you.  I wish we were there with all of you.  Tell them Iíd be there if I could.  I love all of you.   If it werenít for Danís job taking us so far awayÖ Uh, oh Iíve got to go.  I hear the smoke alarm!

Lights out.
Copyright John & Joanne Miller, all rights reserved.
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