The Visit

By Judy Sadler


An elderly woman lives for the visits of her daughter.


Judy (an old woman)
Jeannie (her daughter)


Two chairs (one a rocking chair), a plate of cookies, small table with mirror, make-up (especially rouge or blush), a couple of hats, and two coffee cups.


JUDY: Oh, Dear, I hope I can get ready before she arrives. There - just the right touch - I want to have nice rosy cheeks - rosy cheeks are so cheerful. Now - I think I'll wear the green hat - no - the red looks much better on me - well, maybe the green one after all ----- I think I look pretty good for my age, you know. I hope Jeannie likes this dress and I hope she brings cookies - her cookies are so good - much better than those store bought things meals on wheels brings. And maybe we'll have real cream for our coffee - instead of that awful blue skimmed milk. Well, everything is ready - I can hardly wait to see her.

(Jeannie enters with a plate of cookies - embraces Judy and kisses her on the cheek.)

JEANNIE: Hello, Mama.

JUDY : Jeannie, you're here - oh, how good it is to see you. - I knew you'd come today - I've been so hungry to see you. I put this dress on especially for you.

JEANNIE: You're looking so good, Mama - how are you feeling?

JUDY: Well, I have a few aches and pains, but nothing to complain about. All in all, I feel wonderful, especially since you're here now. But that's enough about me - what have you been doing?

JEANNIE: Oh, mama - I've been so busy - first it's one thing and then another. Seems like I need to be three people. The pastor's sermon was on priorities last Sunday, and I got to thinking that I'm so busy but I'm not getting anything done. I guess I need to sit down and take stock - you know - rethink what's important

JUDY: I guess we all need to take stock every once in a while. Uh - What is that on that plate there? Oh, cookies - I've been almost as hungry for your cookies as I was for the sight of you.

JEANNIE: Remember when you taught me how to make these cookies? What a silly name, too - Snickerdoodles.

JUDY: - There was snickerdoodle dough in every nook and cranny. I thought we'd never get the kitchen scraped clean.

(Jeannie and Judy laugh)

JEANNIE; You were always so patient with us - I don't know how you did it.

JUDY: It's easy to be patient when you're making memories with someone you love. Sometimes I wish I could do it all over again. You kids were a joy, a real joy. Kept me young, I'll tell you. Now sometimes I just sit here and remember those times. I think my favorite memories were of our trips to the zoo - what a time we had then. We'd come home and you kids would be streaked with dirt, covered in cotton candy from head to toe. And remember the time your brother fell out of the tree and we thought he was dead? Glory be - what a fright he gave us. And what about that swimming meet where you came in third? You were so proud - I didn't have the heart to mention that there were only three little girls competing. What a corker you were - changing your name to Sue in the second grade. Thank goodness you came to your senses and changed it back to Jeannie in the third. I could go on and on - the memories just start pouring back when I get started.

JEANNIE: Yes, mama, those are wonderful memories; but the most important thing we did together was to go to Church. Without the strength that Jesus gives me every day, I'd have had a hard life. I hate to think where I'd be now if Jesus wasn't my Savior

JUDY: You'll probably think I'm getting a mite touched, but sometimes when I'm sitting here rocking, I can almost feel the arms of the Savior wrapped around me, like I was a little child. And to think some people think going to Church is a burden. How much they've missed.

JEANNIE: Well, mama, I've had a nice visit, but I have to go now. You take care of yourself. - (pausing as an afterthought) By the way, how did you know I'd be here to visit you today?

JUDY: Why, Jeannie, dear - didn't you know? I look for you every day!


Copyright Judy Sadler, all rights reserved.
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