Welcome Skit

By Nancy Golden


This skit addresses the issue that can occur in any church, but especially when a church's membership becomes very large. Although never intentional, it sometimes happens that visitors are not greeted with the warm welcome that we want for each person coming through our doors. The tragedy of it is that we may lose someone who is truly seeking, because of this problem. Some people don't want or need to be greeted, while for others it is the only way they will feel comfortable enough to return. Others are there for reasons we don't know about, and just coming through the doors was a very difficult step for them to take and they might really need encouragement and affirmation. Since we are all on different places on our spiritual journeys, it's hard to know if we are fulfilling those needs.


Single Mom
Male senior citizen, wife recently passed away
Twenty-something female alcoholic


(Opening Scene consists of three characters Lighted in various poses:
The Single Mom is sitting in a rocking chair in her bathrobe, exhausted and tearful.
The Senior Citizen is sitting in a coffee shop alone, working on a crossword puzzle in the newspaper.
The Alcoholic is sitting in a chair slovenly dressed, gazing outwards, a half-empty bottle in front of her.)

Single Mom: (long sigh) "I was so scared. Thank God Michael's fever finally went down and he's asleep. I'm sooo tired… I wish I had some help."

Senior Citizen: (sadly) It sure is lonely now. I really miss Bernice. Especially her smile. The one she saved, just for me.

Alcoholic: (disgust in her voice) There's gotta be something better than this.

(Lights Fade Out on Senior Citizen and Alcoholic)

Single Mom: (driving towards church, talking out loud to herself) "I'm going this time, I'm going this time. See, I think there's the turn-in for the parking lot. Piece of cake. I can do this. Lord, I can do this, right? Just because I have no one to sit with doesn't mean I won't be welcome. People don't look down on single moms so much any more…at least that's what I've heard. Oops, I missed the turn. Oh well, I really need to get the laundry done before the work week starts. I can always go to church next week."

(Lights Fade Out on Single Mom and come on Alcoholic)

Alcoholic: (On telephone, sobbing as she talks) "I can't stop crying. I've been sitting on the floor of my apartment all day, crying and crying. I don't even know why, I just can't stop. Jack, what should I do?"

(Light comes on Jack speaking on his cell phone)

Jack: "Hang on Pat." (Out loud to himself, urgently) "Oh man, what do I do? Think Jack, Think! Church. Call the church. Pastor On Call- Yeah, that's the thing." (Starts talking into phone again) "Okay, here it is Pat. I'm gonna call my church. They have people ready to help you. They'll know what to do. (pleadingly) Can I do that?"

Alcoholic: "Welllll, I don't know…"(Starts crying even harder) "Yeah, I guess so."

Jack: "Okay Pat. Hang in there, okay? Its gonna be alright. I have to hang up now so I can call the church. Someone is going to call you in a few minutes. Don't go anywhere- Okay? Promise me you won't go anywhere or do anything-Okay Pat?"

Alcoholic: (Through sobs) "Okay, Jack. I promise. (sobs even harder) Thanks Jack.

(Lights Fade Out on Alcoholic and Jack and come on Single Mom)

Single Mom: (Sitting at kitchen table drinking coffee) "This is it. I'm going this time. I know God wants me there. He must- He woke me up five Sundays in a row. Somehow I'm just finding it really hard to take those steps into church by myself. (Phone rings. Single Mom answers it) "Hello, Shirley? Oh, you need a hand. Sure, I'll be right over. No, that's okay, we don't have to wait until this afternoon- I'm free right now."

(Lights Fade Out on Single Mom and come on Senior Citizen standing at the counter of a coffee shop, being served by a college student)

College Student: (cheerfully) "How's it goin' Pops?"

Senior Citizen: "Great kid- How's yourself?" (mumbles in an aside to himself but loud enough for the audience to hear) "Sure wish he'd quit calling me Pops. I have a name ya know."

College Student: "Doing good- going back to college next week." (Hands Harry a coffee cup) "Here ya go Pops- your usual. So where's your buddies today?"

Senior Citizen: (forces a smile) "They'll be along later. They're taking their wives to the arboraetum today."

College Student: "And what's about you Pops, why aren't you tagging along?" (The college student leans over the counter for a closer look and stops short at the painful expression on the Senior Citizen's face. The Senior Citizen takes his cup and moves abruptly from the counter to a booth without answering. The college student starts talking in aside to himself but loud enough for the audience to hear) "Oh man, have I been insensitive! I'm such an idiot! I remember he used to bring a lady with him but I haven't seen her all summer. I'm afraid to ask. What should I do?" (College student looks around and seeing shop is empty, walks over and slides into booth across from Senior Citizen. He sticks out his hand over the table) "Don't think we've ever formally introduced ourselves. Hi- I'm Mark." (Senior Citizen returns his grip and smiles)

Senior Citizen: "Call me Harry, Mark."

(Lights Fade Out on Senior Citizen and College Student and come on Alcoholic)

Alcoholic: (Nervously pacing back and forth) "Oh man, what did I agree to that for? Next thing ya know, they'll want me to go to church…why should I go someplace that will make me feel worse than I already do?"

(Lights Fade Out on Alcoholic and come on Single Mom)

Single Mom: (driving to church and parking) "Take a deep breath Kate." (Make motions of straightening hair in rearview mirror, opening mouth and checking teeth) "Looks okay- Nothing stuck in my teeth from breakfast- good, I was worried about that bacon. Well, here goes." (She steps out of the car and gets her child out of the car seat. Holding his hand, she says) "Okay Michael. Here we go. You are going to make some new friends, won't that be fun!" (She walks towards the doors of the church hesitantly looking around, not sure of where to go. Mumbles to herself in an aside the audience can hear) "I wish I knew somebody. Sure hope somebody greets us."

(Lights Fade Out on Single Mom and come on Senior Citizen and College Student)

College Student: "Hi Harry, its about time we knew each other's names- don't ya think! After seeing you everyday of the week except Sundays all summer.

Senior Citizen: (laughs) "you're right Mark- but I'm here on Sundays too. Must be your day to sleep in, huh?"

College Student: "Believe me, sometimes I wish I had a day for that, Harry. But sleeping late just isn't in my agenda these days. I go to church on Sunday mornings. That's one reason I took this job- my boss promised me Sundays off."

Senior Citizen: "Church, Huh? That's great Mark. Sounds like you really got your act together." (wistfully) Bernice and I used to go to church together."

College Student: "Used to? Why'd ya quit going if you don't mind me asking?"

Senior Citizen: "Honestly Mark? I think its because I was angry with God. I couldn't understand how He could take Bernice from me. I'm ashamed I feel this way but I miss her so much. And I don't know who to talk to about how I feel. The pastor is such a young guy I just don't see how he could understand. And on top of that, everyone I know is a couple. I see my friends with their wives and it only reminds me that I don't have Bernice to be with me. Seems like no one at church knows what to say to me anymore. I think I make them uncomfortable. (He takes a sip of coffee before continuing) I know I need to get right with God. And I know my Bernice would be upset if she knew I quit going to church. But I just don't have the heart for it anymore. Everyone was so helpful and caring at first but no one has called since the funeral so it's been easy to stay away."

(Lights Fade Out on Senior Citizen and College Student)

(Recommended: Light Comes On to Piano and Singer- Song "This Must Be the Place" is sung.)



Souls on the street
Addicted to sin
Selling themselves to survive
Not understanding the hope they could find
In a place where God's love is alive
They doubt that they could meet
The standards necessary
And fear that they'd find judgement
Rather than a sanctuary


This must be a place
Where a broken heart can mend
This must be a place
Where the outcast finds a friend
For we cannot lift the fallen
If our hand still holds a stone
And their sin that seems so great to us
Is no greater than our own
There must be a point where shame meets grace
And this must be the place

The neighbor next door
Keeps the house looking good
But the home is collapsing within
Pressures of life pull a family apart
And temptation's destruction begins
They doubt the church could have
The answers necessary
And fear they'd find rejection
Rather than a sanctuary

Second Chorus:

This must be a place
Where a broken heart can mend
This must be a place
Where the outcast finds a friend
For we cannot lift the fallen
If our hand still holds a stone
And their sin that seems so great to us
Is no greater than our own
There must be a point where shame meets grace
And this must be the place


And the church must be the arms of God
Reaching out to bring them
To a place where they can find His love
Regardless of their sin



This must be the place

c) 1998 Steve Amerson Music


Copyright Nancy Golden, all rights reserved.
This script may be performed without royalty payment provided no charge is made for admission. In return for free use, the author would like to be told of any performance. She may be contacted at goldencomm@comcast.net