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My name is Seyi and i am writing to you from Nigeria. I am about the youngest in my church when I was given the responsibility to head the drama unit of my church that was just about to fold up as a result of lack of commitment of members. As at the beginning of this year, I was all stuck up with a ministration to revive the ministry. I prayed to God earnestly and was just then I stumbled upon your site. I remembered finding the script "The T-Shirt Shop". That was the first ministration we did that revived us. And since then, God had also given me abilities to write scripts of my own from God himself. I should also be sharing them soon, so I can also be a blessing to others from other countries.

My scripts on Dramatix site have been used all over the world! Every so often I get an email from some distant place telling that one of my scripts has been used. A few years ago, one of my scripts was translated into German by a user, and another was turned into a short film! It's exciting to know that God has used my feeble attempts at writing for his glory!

I must congratulate you on the dedication and perserverence you've shown in establishing Dramatix as one of THE leading christian drama websites available.  The concept of Dramatix, its content and its accessibility for christians around the world is no less short of a miracle in itself. To this day, I receive emails from people from far-flung places either asking me or letting me know they have used or are about to use one of my scripts.  Not only is it gratifying that my work can live on in this way, it's also amazing how something I "just dashed off at the last minute" can speak to the hearts of thousands upon thousands of other people in the name of Christ.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... I was overjoyed when I found your web site.  I was volunteered at the last minute to be in charge of Vacation Bible School at my church. As a teacher I was the ideal choice, plus no one else wanted the job. I opted to use puppets and interactive story telling to deliver our message.  Your web site was a tremendous resource and offered me many wonderful options. The children loved the script we used and it clearly delivered the message. The two teens from our youth group were the performers, they both loved the story too.  Words cannot describe my gratitude. Your web site was my miracle blessing.

I really appreciate what you are doing. I have just started a Drama Team at my church. I have very little experience in writing dramas but love to direct them.

I can't tell you how exciting it is to find a website like yours. I am overwhelmed that there is something free out there for us smaller churches to use. Everything I have seen so far looks great. I thank God for others talents who wrote these dramas, skits, mime, etc. I just can't say enough good about it all. Thank you for using the talent God has given you to help those of us who are not gifted to write. Thanks for allowing this site to be free. You will hear from me in the future.
I have looked for a site like yours for two years  (ie. a Christian site, that shared good material, without the hassle of requiring membership or other obstacles).  We have been truly blessed by your work here. 

Your play was a huge success!  We had an enormous turnout and two new families joined the church because of it!

What an awesome site... I was recently "Volunteered" to do the Children's Christmas Program for our Church. So I thought I would "surf the web" for some possible ideas... I am totally overwhelmed by this site!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO many ideas!!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

Thank you so much for all that you offer through the Dramatix website! For small church drama groups such as ours, the site is a treasure trove of great material; just wish I'd found it sooner!

My name is Mary and I am a 17-year old girl from Iran. Every year we have a ten minute play contest in English. This year we decided to take part in it. After ten hours searching I got very excited for finding your play. It is wonderful. It had a strong influence on me.

I just wanted to say how wonderful I think your site is. I am just starting up a youth drama group at my church, aimed at getting the youth of the village back into the church and thinking about Christian values, teaching etc. I find drama is a complete magnet to children/youth and is a sneaky way of teaching them without them knowing it sometimes!

I just wanted to Thank You for all you have done for many. Personally I think your site is the best site to find great resources for dramatic arts.

I'm a 15-year-old Singaporean serving as the Drama IC in my church. i was delegated the difficult task of putting up a drama performance with my fellow youths in front of the entire congregation of about 400odd. I was absolutely terrified of having been called for such a tall order. It was so so difficult and I was to put up the play in 2 weeks' time, with the 1st rehearsal scheduled to be this evening. Up until just 5mins ago I havent found a script. I prayed to God desperately, pleading with him that he could, as improbable as this sounds, provide an escape route so I would not have to do this. He answered my prayers for help, not by providing a leeway from this whole responsiblity thingy but by allowing me to chance upon your site. Thank you so so much for all these scripts, they are of great quality plus there is such a wide variety I'm sure I'll be able to find one that I need for future drama performances (by the way, yes, they are FOC). I dont know how to thank you enough; may God bless you richly in your future endeavours.

My play has been on your site nearly 10 years Since it's first production, it's been performed over 300 times by over 165 groups and has probably been seen by over 60,000 people. Pretty cool.....

I wanted to inform you that I really loved your script and felt led by God to direct it and to play the narrator. As a result we had a commitment of salvation.

Thank you so much for this site! It's perfect for the jail ministry that I do. I need free resources and drama is a powerful tool to help these women see themselves.

What a wealth of great ides there are on this web site. I am so pleased to have found you. Thank you to everyone for sharing so freely.

Thank you for sharing this resource free of charge. This is so nice because I already spend much of my own money to purchase things for teaching my students and when I have to purchase scripts that I cannot read beforehand, it is a waste of my money if they aren't acceptable. I also like that the script uses few readers and many characters for a large class of students. Thank you and bless you for sharing your gifts.

I just want to let you know that having this resource available has been a big help to our church youth group during the holiday season along with others.

Firstly, all praise to God for the source of truth, wisdom, and inspiration. And secondly, thanks to you for keeping this drama ministry alive. I've been in my church's drama team for the last 3 years and now finally the task of producing (and/or selecting) scripts are on my shoulders, and I could not count the number of times the scripts in your archive gave me the inspiration I need, so thanks again for keeping this site up and running and always accessible.

I'm tired and worn out over the holidays. Here I am in charge of the Christmas program again. Thank you for being the answer to prayer.

I think your site is GREAT!! it is a huge help to me as a drama director to know I can come here and browse for ideas and specific scripts!!! Thank you for grorifying God through this site.

Thanks so much. I was just invited to have my youth preform at a community Christmas event and was out of ideas. I dont have time to write them any more and then a friend recommended your site. I found someting. It was so easy. Thanks again. You saved the day!

This site has been a god sent. Im a member of a SDA youth group and you have given us a start to many wonderful things. thanks.

This web site is SO helpful. I desperately needed a script for a short play with only a few people for a group project at school. This web site helped me make a good grade on it.

Wow! All I can say is AWESOME! May God bless you & your ministry GREATLY. You have certainly been a blessing to me.

I thank God for those who've put this site together.  Our kids choir was able to put together a very nice Christmas program, only after we were able to find one here for free. Thank you, thank you, and Thank GOD for your hearts.

I want to thank you for this side!! It is a great help for us as mime/drama group (silent voices) Thank you. Greetings from Holland.

I came across your site just browsing the internet for some christian drama. We started a drama group at our chruch called the Spirit Led Players and your site is very helpful in providing scripts to enhance our worship services.

Thank you so much for your gift to others. Just when I thought there was no good Christian dramatic material out there I came across your site. God works in wonderfully mysterious ways!!!

Thank you so much for the use of your site. It really helped me achieve a 96% on my drama practical exam.

Thanks for providing a service that is at my finger tips and easy to sort through and use! I have been craving a source that I run to for dramas for worship and fellowship times.

I really appreciated your excellent web site. My wife & I help coordinate a couples retreat every year where we use dramas. We were excited to find your website because the extent of your resources was excellent and the quality of the material was outstanding. What a wonderous resource to assist the furtherance of the Kingdom. Thank you for your faithfulness & foresight in establishing this resource.
~Al & Terri

Absolutely wonderful site - one that I have linked to from my "Sermons & Sermon - Lectionary Resources" web site. Just what the Christian Internet Community needs, especially the smaller rural churches who cannot afford the outrageous prices of commercial resources.  Keep up the good work. Shalom.

I just got involved in youth drama. I've never done anything like this before, so I was at a loss. I searched the web and found your page. I had to email you and tell you how much I appreciated the dramas. God Bless You !

For about a year now, I've been visiting your site, following the links and using the shorter easier dramas to help illustrate my pastors messages. Thank you for providing this service. I'm not a professional actor or anything, I just see the value of drama to help communicate.

What a God send!! I have been wanting to start using drama in our church services, but really didn't know how. Within five minutes of clicking on your site, I found the first drama I want to use, and have already started directing
it in my mind. Thank you so much for being out there, so that when I needed this stuff, it was here for the taking!!

This is one of the best web sights I have ever been to. Thank you for all of your hard work and faithful task to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When our pastor asked me to find a play, I thought it would be easy - not! My friend at another church told me to look up Dramatix. What a huge blessing!!!!!

This site is so wonderful. I'm always looking for skits for a particluar season on the church's calendar and this site has skits categorised which makes it much easier and saves much time.Thanks a million.Keep up the good work.God bless you all.

I hope the intended use for this site was meant to be a blessing to the people of God because that is what I found it to be. Thanks a million for your free help and support. I am a firm believer that as God so graciously blesses us it is our duty to bless others in return. thanks again so many people are looking to steal from God using their ministries I am glad you opted not to.

Your site is a great resource for me! The way your site is design really aid me a lot in my search for various scripts. Well organized and systematic! Good work! And one more thing, thanks for the prompt placement of my drama request on your site. Ha! You guys are great!

Thank you so much for this website. We have just started using dramas in our Sunday evening service and have had some positive feedback as people can really relate to this medium.

My name is Mary and I am a 17-year old girl from Iran. Every year we have a ten minute play contest in English. This year we decided to take part in it. After ten hours searching I got very excited for finding your play.It is wonderful.It had a strong influence on me.

I just wanted to take time to let you know how much I love your website!! I have used many of your scripts for my drama class and the students have had
a blast with them!

"We, the Launceston Christian Fellowship Drama group (called "Acting Up") performed your drama "The Pensioner and the Mission" yesterday at our Christmas service. It was a very anointed and powerful drama which touched every heart and brought tears to most eyes. It especially touched one man who we had never seen at our church before and later discovered that the drama brought his own tears as it was so very close to home for him. He asked to be prayed for and our Pastor and an elder had the opportunity to pray and share with him after the service."

"Yes, we "got through" our first performance. It went great and we got wonderful remarks and comments from the crowd. The lady that played the part of old Mary, cried through the ending, she was so overcome with emotion. She had a lot of the audience in tears, including our pastor. You have touched a whole community in East Texas with what the Lord laid on your heart."

"I just used a play from this website for my church titled The Big Match. I added all the sound effects and music and it was a big hit. We had people saved, reclaimed, and deeply moved. I just wanted to let whomever wrote this play is deeply appreciated and will reap also rewards for these souls."

"I want to tell you how anointed the production (The Cross Beyond Time) was. I used your writings, added some of my own (I plan to expand it even more next year!) and God blessed the work mightily. We saw some of the largest altar calls we've ever had for an Easter production!"

"I know u not know me, I am a leader of one of drama team in Egypt use u play anunciation. It's very wonderful and make a great effect in our people who we make it to them."

"Just a note to wish you a Happy Christmas and to tell you that last night produced your play Song of Mary in Peshawar, Pakistan (look on the map) on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan to a crowd of about 100 English speaking internationals. A group of home schoolers produced it."

"Thanks for putting it up here. It's my first time to visit your site. I was surprised to find it is a Christian site, isn't it? Usually there are no good things out here (Estonia), I mean you have to go to look for something spiritually good, but this one seems to be an exception."

"Although everything went very good, that is not the most excited thing for us. The most exciting experience was to see three students accept Christ into their lives and many more who asked questions. Jesus was knocking on the hearts of our students and they responded. We give God all the glory and we thank him for leading us to your script."

"Just to let you know that many people found the script very powerful and moving. One person who was there tonight is going through a lot in her life just know and has strayed from God - tonight she felt God was speaking to her and she has turned back to him. Isn't it wonderful when prayers are answered?"

"I work for the Rafiki Foundation. We have orphanages and girls' vocational schools in Africa. I write the curriculum for the vocational schools. We are introducing them to some drama as part of their English course. Thank you for your helpfulness and for putting good materials in place for use."

"I have totally fallen in love with this site. I love drama and have recently been seeking God as to whether to start a drama group here in South Africa, I am so blessed by the resource this site gave me. It is such a blessing, you don't understand."

"Forgive me for this late response regarding your play "The Three Wise Dudes". Fourteen home-schooled children, ranging in age from 7-13, performed it yesterday at Hanoi International Church in Hanoi, Vietnam. We advertised in among the International community living here in Hanoi as an outreach."

"I'm part of a drama team in my church in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We're going to use your play as the basis of a skit that we're doing at a gulf-wide youth conference happening in mid-Febuary in Dubai."

"[The script was] just right for churches like ours, 'Sarang community Church" in Buenapark California who just offered to God a new church with multi media equipted...one of the largest Korean Church in US, ( 3000 adult members ). It hasn't been long that our church started Drama Ministry, and we found out Drama ministry is real effective and powerful for modern atmosphere. Most times I translate English scripts that are already written into Korean (edit a little to make it fit to Korean culture)."

"I'm working with the Uniting Church in Australia and currently working in Aged Care - previously working in schools, social justice consultancy and community education about homelessness. Just want to say - CONGRATS on the Dramatix resource. It certainly is an excellent and comprehensive resource for those who need completed materials or just ideas."

"I wanted to thank you for allowing the free use of your script. I am a missionary in the Ukraine, and we recently performed "Get a Life" at our English School graduation. It was very well received and followed with a short message."

"Sugar Camp Missionary Baptist Church of Belle Rive, Illinois is grateful for the use of your mime skit. As I read the skit from the internet it brought tears to my eyes. My own mother and sister and I have had words and disagreements in the past couple of years that have put some distance between us. I hope that I will be able to fix the problem before another Christmas goes by."

"I was looking for plays for my youth group. They love plays & use them in the Sunday night worship service that they are in charge of once a month. I thought I might find one or two, but never expected to find anything like this! The few sites I went to before this one wanted to sell us plays that were not as high quality. So I was really choked & excited to find this one! I really love your site. It is a youth leaders dream come true."

"Greetings from Canada! I was just plodding through some sites looking for ideas, encouragement and inspiration. Dramatix is it! What a great way to link Christians through the dramatic arts."

"We are a new church plant just a few weeks old. We are excited to have this wonderful resource! You have saved us soooooooo much time and energy and allowed us an opportunity to use quality material!"

"Awesome site! I've been in charge of our churches dramatic arts ministry for only a short time and resources have been hard to come by. You truly are a blessing to the struggling 'small' churches."

"I just wanted to say "thank you" so much for your skits. I am a children's ministry coordinator with no income or resource to speak of. I visited your site a few years back, and then today to find a script for our small church for Christmas. What a blessing you have been to us and the kingdom. We could not have done it without you. You have made a tremendous difference in our lives, and for those who came to watch our play."

"This is THE MOST AWESOME SITE! Thank you for providing the world with this resource!"