Summary: A summary of the nativity story from the gospels. It is in simple English, as it was written for a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) group at a church Christmas party, to remind them of the real meaning of Christmas. Also suitable for children. Minimum costume is an option, no props needed except a doll or baby.
Style:  Light-hearted.    Duration: 9min
Actors: 7M, 1F, 3M/F



NARRATOR:  Hi, I am the narrator, I’m going to tell the Christmas Story.

SHEPHERD 1: Hi, I am one of  the shepherds in the story.

SHEPHERD 2: I’m a shepherd, too.

ANGEL: Behold! I am an angel - my role is to bring the good news.

KING 1: Hello subjects. I am one of the kings in the Christmas Story.

KING 2: I am a king too, and I am a very wise man.

MARY: Hello. My name is Mary - you probably know who I am.

JOSEPH: Hi, I’m Joseph  - Mary’s husband.

INNKEEPER 1: I manage a pub. We do bed and breakfast too.

INNKEEPER 2: I’m on Air B&B. We’ve got a 5 star rating!

JESUS: Good evening. I am Jesus, the star of the story, but in this story I am just a baby so I won’t be saying anything.

NARRATOR: So, we will tell the story to you tonight. There may be gaps, but I expect most of you know how it goes.

Scene 1

(Enter ANGEL and MARY)

ANGEL: Behold!

MARY: Who are you?

ANGEL: I am the archangel Gabriel. God has sent me to tell you some good news.

MARY: What good news?

ANGEL: You are going to have a baby!

MARY: Well if that's what God wants, I’m up for it. Boy or girl? And what will its name be?

ANGEL: It will be a boy.  Jesus - that’s his name.

MARY: OK, it does seem a strange thing to happen, but God know’s best.

ANGEL: Go and tell Joseph and remember, Jesus is your baby’s name.

(Exit ANGEL ),

(Enter Joseph)

MARY: Umm, Joseph.

JOSEPH: Yes Mary?

MARY: I saw an angel today!

JOSEPH: Really?

MARY: Yes. And he gave me some strange news.

JOSEPH: What was that then?

MARY: Ummm, I’m not sure how you are going to take this.

JOSEPH: Go on, tell me the news Mary.

MARY: I’m going to have a baby - it will be a boy and his name will be Jesus.

JOSEPH: Oh! Well that is not exactly what I had planned. However I  did have a dream last night.

MARY: What was the dream about?

JOSEPH: God told me the plan about the baby, so I’m cool about it. It’s quite exciting really.

MARY: Great! Well that’s a relief. Let’s make plans then. I need to make a list...

(Exit MARY and JOSEPH)

NARRATOR: Does anyone know the name of the town in our story today? (Wait for audience to respond - Bethlehem) On the hillside near Bethlehem  some shepherds are talking.

Scene 2

(Enter SHEPHERDS 1 & 2)

SHEPHERD 1: It’s going to be cold night.

SHEPHERD 2: Stop moaning. You never know what’s round the corner.

SHEPHERD 1: I wish we could just cuddle up to one of the sheep, keep warm and go to sleep.

SHEPHERD 2: Well we can’t. We have to keep looking around for wolves. We are shepherds remember!

SHEPHERD 1: So I can’t fall asleep then?

SHEPHERD 2: Definitely not! It might be a night of surprises and you wouldn’t want to miss that!

Scene 3

NARRATOR: The shepherds are right. Tonight, 9 months since we last saw them, Mary and Joseph arrive in Bethlehem.


MARY: I am really tired.

JOSEPH: You must be my darling. But we are here at last. Bethlehem!

MARY: Can we find somewhere to eat and sleep. As soon as possible.

JOSEPH: Yes. Let’s try this place.

(Enter  INNKEEPER 1)

(JOSEPH knocks on door and INNKEEPER 1 answers the door)

INNKEEPER 1: Good evening.

JOSEPH: Hello. Have you got any rooms free?

INNKEEPER 1: Sorry, no. We are full tonight.

JOSEPH: Oh. That’s a shame. Come on Mary, let’s find somewhere else to stay.

INNKEEPER 1: You could try the Air B&B up the road on the right.

MARY: Thanks. We’ll see if they have a room.


JOSEPH: Don’t you have to book ahead with Air B&B?

MARY: I think so, but you never know. It’s worth a try.

(JOSEPH knocks and INNKEEPER 2 answers the door)


MARY: Have you got any rooms free.

 INNKEEPER 2: Did you book online?

JOSEPH:  No we didn’t.

 INNKEEPER 2: Sorry I can’t help then.

MARY: We are desperate. Have you nowhere we can stay?

INNKEEPER 2: I do have a shed in the garden where I keep my animals. Is that any good?

JOSEPH: We will take anything. My wife Mary is about to have a baby.

INNKEEPER 2: OK. You can use the shed - for free - but don’t make too much noise!

MARY: I’ll try not to. Thanks, we are grateful. Come on Joseph.

(Exit JOSEPH and MARY)

Scene 4


NARRATOR: Out on the hills nearby, the angels began to sing.

ANGEL: (sing) Glory to God in the highest.

SHEPHERD 2: Wake up my shepherd friend. Here’s the surprise we have been waiting for.

ANGEL: (sing) We have good news of great joy!

SHEPHERD 1. Wow! Look at all those angels.

ANGEL: (sing) A saviour has been born tonight.

SHEPHERD 2: Do you mean the Messiah we have been waiting for?

ANGEL: Yes! Christ the King - go and visit him. He has just been born.

SHEPHERD 1: Come on! Let’s go into town.

SHEPHERD 2: What’s the address?

ANGEL: It’s the place right under the star over there.

SHEPHERD 1: Wow! I didn’t notice that. That’s better than google maps anyday!


Scene 5

NARRATOR: A long way away in a country in the East are some kings.

(Enter KINGS)

KING 1: Hello subjects. Are you enjoying the story? (wait for the audience to respond)

KING 2: The audience are half asleep. Too much food maybe?

KING 1: Anyway, we haven’t got time to eat, or sleep. The star has appeared.

KING 2: Yes, we are going on a long journey.

KING 1: Following the star.

KING 2: To find the King of Kings.

KING 1: The Messiah who will save the world. Come on let’s go!   (Exit KINGS)

(Enter MARY and JOSEPH with a baby)


SHEPHERD 2: We are here to see the King.

JOSEPH: He’s just here.

MARY: Do you want to hold him?

SHEPHERD 1: Er. OK (Mary gives baby Jesus to SHEPHERD 1)

SHEPHERD 2: Wow. Isn’t he cute. So he is the Saviour of the world!

MARY: Yes he is.

JOSEPH: His name is Jesus.

SHEPHERD 1: That’s what the angel said.

MARY: Yes he did!

Scene 6

(Enter KINGS)

KING 1: (To Mary) I am King 1. How do you do?

KING 2: I am King 2. Thank you for welcoming us.

JOSEPH: I am Joseph and this is my wife, Mary.

MARY: Nice to meet you both.

KING 1: So where is the little King?

MARY: He is there in the shepherd’s arms.

KING 2: Can I hold him?

JOSEPH: Yes you can - (to SHEPHERD 1) pass him over please.

KING 2: He is so small! How old is he.

MARY: About 6 hours old

KING 1: So this is the Messiah we have been waiting for. Wow!

KING 2: Please take him Mary. We want to bow down and worship him.

(Mary takes the baby. The Kings kneel down and bow before the baby. The Shepherds kneel down and bow)

SHEPHERDS 1 & 2 : We Worship you King Jesus.

KING 1 & 2: Messiah, King of Kings. Born today in Bethlehem.

NARRATOR: So that is the story of Christmas. Don’t forget - Jesus is the reason that we celebrate this season!


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