Summary: A monologue in which the devil asks his demons to come up with the best scheme to stop ordinary people seeking God. [Author’s note: I don't know where this drama came from originally. It's not mine, but I have embellished it a little, for a baptism preparation service. Hope the real author doesn't mind!] 
Style: Dramatic.     Duration: 5min

Actors: 1M/F




Once the devil decided to hold a competition to see which of his demons could come up with the best scheme to stop ordinary people seeking God and finding Him.

Five of them volunteered and came before him with ideas.

The first demon had this to say:
“I shall tell them there is no God.”

“Don’t be an idiot,” said the devil. “They only have to look at the wonders of creation, their own human form, even a tiny baby; the sun, moon and stars and planets each day on their perfect course, the constant cycle of the seasons, to know without a doubt that a Creator has had a hand in their making.”

The second demon cried out,
“I shall tell them that there is no such a thing as evil, they can do as they like…” “No that won’t wash either. They cannot help but notice that the shadow of evil is all around them in the broken lives of people who lose their way, and who chart their own course through life. Think again”

The third demon had this to say,
“I shall persuade everyone that churches are not in fashion, and definitely not cool, and that the people inside them are out of touch and will never change their ways. I shall tell them that church folk are only after their money. And they shall become cynical, critical and disheartened”

The devil yawned and said, “They already think this way, some other has got there before you!”

The fourth demon had a better plan:-
“I shall encourage mortals to become addicted to television, from waking until falling asleep at night, soon they will spend their lives in a comatose state. I shall lay before them triple Hollyoaks, extended Coronation Streets, quadruple episodes of Friends.” he crowed.

“No,,no "replied the devil," there still will come a time when they become disinterested or disenchanted with T.V. and it will be in those moments that they might learn to think for themselves. Therein is the danger!"”

“Ah yes, but soon there will be Sky Plus, whereby these mortals can have all of their favourite programmes at the touch of a button, and backdate ones they have missed. Their viewing will be perpetual.”

“I’m still not sure that every single second will be covered,” replied the devil, “but well done, keep on trying.”

The devil became depressed, and wondered whether he should go down and do the job himself.

The last demon to approach looked worried, he wasn’t sure that his plan was any better or that the devil would approve.

“My plan, your greatness, was a simple one.”

“Well let’s have it,” snarled the devil.

“I thought I would just go and persuade them that they have plenty of TIME in which to make their minds up”

The devil raised his head slowly with the most delightfully evil grin on his face. “Excellent! The prize is yours, Go now to it.”


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