Summary: A Christmas script, based on the gospels of Matthew and Luke. It is taken from the point of view of Gabriel, and the way he remembers the story. It is probably best for children between the ages of 10-15.
Style:  Light-hearted.   Duration: 10min
Actors: 4M, 1F, 3M/f



Scene 1

Gabriel: Hello there, my name is Gabriel and I work for God, usually in heaven with the other angels, but there was this one time that God asked me to go down to earth with some good news for a young lady. Let me tell you how it went.

God: GABRIEL, GABRIEL where are you.

Gabriel: (Appearing from nowhere) I’m right here boss, how can I help.

God: I need you to go down to earth and give some good news to a young lady.

Gabriel: Oh, and which young lady would that be then?

God: Mary; I need you to tell her that she is pregnant.

Gabriel: You sure you want me to tell a young lady she is pregnant... not one of the other angels.

God: Oh, is it too difficult for you?

Gabriel: No, no, I didn’t say that.

God: Good, because I have decided she is going to give birth to my Son, and that she will name him Jesus.

Gabriel: Ok, well I can do that. When would you like me to go?

God: No time like the present.

Gabriel: You want me to go now?

God: Yes, go on, we haven’t got all day.

Gabriel: No, not all day, just nine months.

God: Mmm, maybe I should send one of the others.

Gabriel: No, no it’s fine, I’ll go.

God: Fine. I want you to tell Mary that I have chosen her to give birth to my one and only son.

Gabriel: Got it.

God: Off you go then.

Gabriel: Right, Mary, pregnant, your only son.

God: Oh and Gabriel, don’t forget she must call him Jesus.

Gabriel: Got it, Mary, pregnant, your only son, to be called Jesus.

God: Hopefully he’ll get it in the right order.

Scene 2.

Gabriel: So off I went down to earth to find Mary and to give her the God’s message. I wasn’t sure how she was going to take it, but God knows best. (appearing in her room) Ah Mary there you are.

Mary: And who might you be.

Gabriel. I’m Gabriel, God’s favourite Angel. I’ve got some good news for you; (to himself) here we go. You’re going to have a baby.

Mary: Mmmmmmm.

Gabriel: Did you hear what I just sa……………….

Mary: (shouting) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Smiling) Oh my gosh, really?

Gabriel: Yes.

Mary: (slightly calmer) Me, really?

Gabriel: Yes, really.

Mary: (Screaming) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. (then laughing).

Gabriel: Yes Mary. God has chosen you.

Mary: (Happily) Chosen me.

Gabriel: As I was saying, God has chosen you to give birth to his son and you must name him Jesus.

Mary: I can’t believe little ole me has been chosen by God.

Gabriel: Well you have.

Mary: So I have; what an honour.

Gabriel: Right.

Mary: Right, well you best be going then as I’ve got a baby to plan for.

Gabriel: Right, oh and don’t forget you’ve got to name him Jesus.

Mary: Yeah, yeah ok (trying to push Gabriel out of her room).

Gabriel: Right, well I’ll just be going then.

Mary: (pushing Gabriel out of the door) Yes, oh and thank you.

Gabriel: Pleasure.

Mary: (to herself) How exciting, me pregnant, now all I need to do is tell Joseph.

 Scene 3.

Gabriel: I assume she must have told Joseph, and God probably assured him it was going to be ok. Because the next thing you know they are on their way to Bethlehem, as Caesar had called a census and everyone had to register in their own town. Now in typical male style Joseph had not thought ahead to book them a room and the time soon came for Mary to have her baby.

Mary: Is it much further, Jo.

Joseph: Is what much further?

Mary: The inn where we will be staying tonight.

Joseph: Ah, the inn.

Mary: (shouting) Don’t tell me you haven’t booked an inn.

Joseph: I was busy with other things and, well, I forgot.

Mary: (still shouting) Busy, busy with other things. Well I hate to tell you this, Jo, but I think the baby is coming.

Joseph: (freaking out) What now, can’t you hold it a bit.

Mary: Hold it? It’s a baby, Jo. Believe it or not they tend to come when they are ready, not necessarily when we are ready.

Joseph: Ok, ok, let me think. (Scratching his head) I’ve got it; I’ll just go and find us a room.

Mary: Good idea, I’ll just wait for you here.

Joseph. Right, how hard can this be? (walking over to 1st inn and knocking the door). Ah, hello there sir, I was just wondering if you…………………………..

Innkeeper 1: (laughing to himself) No, no room. (Turning his back to walk away) Idiot.

Joseph: Charming. (carrying on to the next inn and knocking the door). Hello there, I was, erm, just wondering ……………………………………

Innkeeper 2: No, no room (turning his back to walk away) Is he for real?

Joseph: That’s just plain rude. (going to the last inn and knocking the door) Hello sir, I was just wondering if you have a room.

Innkeeper 3: I’m sorry mate, but ……………………

Joseph: (falling to his knees) please, before you say no, you have to help me, my wife is about to give birth to our baby and we don’t have a room. (Begging) Please. I’ll give you everything I have; please, you’ve got to help me.

Innkeeper 3: Ok, ok, but I haven’t got any free rooms, just a barn around the back.

Joseph: Yes, yes, that’s fine, anything. Thank you (giving the innkeeper a big kiss).

Innkeeper 3: Eurrgh, I’ll show you where it is.

Joseph: Right, just a minute let me just go and get Mary. (going to get Mary) Mary come on get up, I’ve got us a room. (Grabbing Mary by the hand and pulling her along they go back to the Inn).

Innkeeper 3: Right this way, follow me.

Mary: (Shouting) You have got to be kidding, this is not a room, I’m not staying in AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH.

Joseph: I thought you’d like it; now let’s get you settled shall we.

Scene 4.

Gabriel: Not long after, Mary gave birth to a baby boy and like I told her to, she named him Jesus. Now I thought that was my job done, but no, God had other ideas.

God: GABRIEL, GABRIEL where are you.

Gabriel: (Appearing from nowhere) I’m right here boss, how can I help?

God: I need you to go back down to earth with good news.

Gabriel: (showing off) Well, I did do a good job last time.

God: That you did.

Gabriel: So who is the good news for this time.

God: I need you to go down and tell some shepherds, the wonderful news of Jesus’ birth.

Gabriel: Shepherds, not the important people, like the king.

God: No, not the king... shepherds.

Gabriel: Ok then, shepherds it is, although I thought that maybe, as it is your son, you would want me to tell the King.

God: No, shepherds will be fine.

Gabriel: Ok, when would you like me to go?

God: Now.

Gabriel: Right, no time like the present.

God: Exactly, oh and make sure you don’t scare them.

Gabriel: (showing off) I’ll try, but I can’t help it if I shine real bright.

God: Well try your best, because I want them to visit, not run away.

Gabriel: Fine, I’ll try not to glow.

God: Off you go then.

Scene 5.

Gabriel: So off I went again, and luckily for me it didn’t take me long to find some shepherds out in the fields, tending their sheep. Hello I’m Gab…………..

Shepherd: (running away scared) Get away from us.

Gabriel: Wait a second. Please calm down. Listen, my name is Gabriel and I am God’s favourite Angel. He has chosen you to go to Bethlehem to visit a baby who has just been born, named Jesus.

Shepherd: A Baby you say, why on earth would we want to go and visit a baby.

Gabriel: Because God has chosen you.

Shepherd: Well if it’s all the same to you and God, we’d rather not; we are a little busy looking after our sheep. They have babies as well for us to look after and keep safe, you know.

Gabriel: Of course, whatever was I thinking?

Shepherd: Goodbye then, we need to get on.

Gabriel: Wait, this baby is special; he is the Son of God.

Shepherd: Well why didn’t you say so. What do you want us to do?

Gabriel: It would be nice if you went and worshipped him, maybe even take him a little gift.

Shepherd: We can do that.

Gabriel: In that case off you go, to Bethlehem, you will find him in a barn at the back of an inn.

Shepherd: Right off we go then. Oops, nearly forgot the gift (shepherd picks up a sheep).

Gabriel: Wait, a sheep! What is a baby going to do with a sheep.

Shepherd: He’ll love it, and anyway it’s all we’ve got.

Gabriel: Somehow they found the barn and told Mary and Joseph what I had said and everyone who heard it was amazed. Considering they didn’t really want to make the trip to visit the baby they went back to their fields singing and dancing. It was a sight to be seen, I can tell you. Well, that’s the end of this, my first adventure down on earth. Who knows, the next time I come down to earth, I could be coming to see you. Bye for now.


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