Summary: Mary returns excitedly from meeting the risen Lord, but can’t convince Peter that she has seen Jesus.
Style: Dramatic.                Duration:  2min
Actors:  1M, 1F, 1N




(Note: Peter  speaks slowly and deliberately as if trying to calm an excitable/excited, and possibly deluded person!!!   Mary is breathless, excite)

The service leader reads the introduction

(Optional - Leader: We have a little sketch for you.  It is early on Easter Morning. A miserable Apostle Peter is interrupted by an excited Mary Magdalene.)

(Peter is sitting looking miserable. Enter a breathless and excited Mary Magdalene.)

Mary: Oh Peter, I have been looking for you everywhere! Wonderful news - Jesus is alive!

Peter: (resigned, speaking slowly and deliberately) I don’t think so!  Mary, just calm down. Count to ten…..

Mary: (interrupting)  No really! Jesus is alive! I have seen him!

Peter:  No, Mary (putting his hand on her arm) - Calm down. You are imagining things. Grief does that! You think you have seen the person who has died, because you can’t really believe they are dead…

Mary:  (interupts)     No but……

Peter:  You saw  how Jesus was beaten, You saw Jesus nailed to the cross. You saw how he suffered. You ….

Mary:  (interupts) No but……

Peter:  You saw him die.  You saw the soldier pierce his side with a spear. You saw him taken down from the cross - dead. You saw him put in that tomb…

Mary:  (interupts)  No but  Peter- LISTEN!     The tomb  is   open - It’s empty. And I saw Jesus near the tomb - he called my name - he spoke to me - ….

Peter: (interrupts)    No Mary, I don’t think so…

Mary: (interupts)  Yes,  I did see him, he did speak to me AND he told me to come and tell YOU.   Aren’t you going to go and see for yourself?   If you won’t listen, I will go and tell the others. . Jesus is alive, he’s alive…. … (she rushes out repeating “He’s alive, he’s alive, Jesus is alive…….”  getting quieter and quieter).

Peter:  (getting up)  I think she must be hysterical, but If the tomb is empty I had better find John and go and see what has happened.  Could it possibly be true? Could Jesus be alive?  (pauses, looks at audience)  Can it be true that Jesus is alive?  (Peter walks out)


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