Summary: A drama about people who are smart alecks and know-it-alls. Two ants are
taking a vacation, and since they are away from the colony, one ant feels free to exercise his superior knowledge over the other.
Style: Light-hearted.  Duration: 4min
Actors: 2M/F



2 people with ant antennas.

Props: 2 chairs, map, and pretend steering wheel.


(Skit starts with both ants sitting facing the audience, one left pretending to drive

Driver: Boy, it’s great to finally get away from home... it gets old, just going back and forth carrying 10 times my body weight!
Passenger: Colony
Driver: What?
Passenger: Colony...
Driver: What about the colony?
Passenger: We’re getting away from the colony... not “home”.
Driver: That’s what I said...
Passenger: No, you didn’t.
Driver: Are you sure?
Passenger: (just looks at the Driver)
Driver: Okay, okay... colony!
Driver: Hey, can you get the map out? I want to make sure that the trash can we’re staying in is off 254..
Passenger: It’s exit # 245B
Driver: I’m pretty sure it’s #254
Passenger: No, it was # 245....B
Driver: How can YOU be SO sure?
Passenger: It’s #245...... “B”! I’m absolutely sure.
Driver: Well, what if you just read it wrong... you know, I’ve done that before... can you just check it?
Passenger: I checked the map 3 times before we left... it’s 245....”B”!!!!
Driver: (under his breath) I hope you’re right...
Passenger: I’m ALWAYS right...
Driver: Hey, look! Do you see that billboard? “Free sugar with every fill-up” Let’s stop for gas there...
Passenger: We can stop, but the sugar’s not free...
Driver: What do you mean it’s NOT free... that’s what the sign said! I know I can’t see that well, but my antennas are working just fine!
Passenger: Do I really have to explain this to you? The gas station advertises free sugar to get you to stop, but charges you more for gas to pay for the sugar... It’s NOT FREE!
Driver: How do you know that?
Passenger: I learned it in college... ANT-thropology 101... I guess YOU didn’t take THAT class...
Driver: Well, I’m stopping there anyhow!
(pulls into the gas station)
Driver: Hey, why don’t you go in and tell the owner how he’s not giving out free sugar... I bet you can straighten him out!
Passenger: I’m just going to do that!
(Passenger gets out and goes behind the curtain... Driver pretends to drive
away from the gas station without the Passenger.)
Driver: Boy, it’s great to finally get away from home... it gets old, just carrying that dead weight in the car!
Author: Fred Lane, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This script is free for use without modification to all churches and Christian groups. No admission or fees beyond church donations may be collected for assemblies where it is used without prior permission of the author.