Summary:  A wife confronts her husband when he returns home late yet again, suspicious that he is having an affair. Note: This play has minimal text, relying heavily on subtext (the unspoken thoughts/words of the characters). Assume plenty of space around each line when necessary, to add tension. Keywords: Suspicion, mistrust, honesty, truth-telling, marriage.
Style: Drama.  Duration: 5min
Actors: 1M, 1F
Ben – husband
Jess – wife

(Setting: A lounge with a lounge chair, coffee table, and nearby front door. Coat stand next to the door.)
(Ben comes home, enters front door with briefcase and wearing business suit. Jess switches on lamp – he stops. Jess is sitting in lounge chair, sipping tea. She has been waiting up for him for hours.)
Ben:  Jess. (Pause) Hi.
Very long pause. Jess doesn’t respond. Deciding to go to bed, Ben hangs up his suit jacket on the coat stand and starts to move toward the bedroom.
Jess  Ben.. (Ben stops. Jess looks at her watch, then at Ben.) You’re late.
Ben:  Am I?
Jess:  Again.   
Ben:  Yes.
Jess:  Yes?
Ben:  Working, Jess.
Jess:  (Not buying it) Working.
Ben:  Yes. Working.
(Ben goes to leave again. Suddenly Jess explodes.)
Jess:  Who!
Ben:  What?
Jess:  Who! Who!
Ben:  Jess!
Jess:  (Standing up to face him) Who, Ben!
Ben:  Goodnight.
Jess:  How old? (Grabs him. He shakes her off.) Love? Love?!
(Ben shakes his head, not responding. Jess takes off her wedding ring and places it  on the coffee table. She grabs her coat from the stand and goes to walk out the front door.
Ben:  OK! (She stops. Pause.) Got promoted.
Jess:  Liar.
Ben:  Stop it! (She turns to face him.) More hours. Better pay.
Jess:  Why wouldn’t you..
Ben:  Secret.
Jess:  Why?
(Ben goes angrily to his jacket pocket and takes out 2 aeroplane tickets.)
Ben:  Surprise. Happy?
(Jess is dumbfounded.)
Jess:  Hawaii?
Ben : Hawaii.
(Jess looks at the tickets in disbelief, and then guilt.)
Jess:  (To herself) Stupid!
Ben:  (Forgiving) Very.
(They embrace.)
Jess:   Cuppa tea?
Ben:  (Shaking head, yawning.) Too tired.
Jess:  OK.
Ben:  Goodnight. (Kisses her on the cheek)
(Ben exits, leaving Jess with the tickets.)
Jess:  Hawaii! Hawaii!
(Takes  coat  off  and  strokes  his  jacket  fondly.  Mid-stroke she  feels  something  in another pocket and pulls it out. His wedding ring. The tickets drop to the floor. Blackout.)
© Kerrie Polkinghorne, all rights reserved.  
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