Summary: A girl going through variouis stages of life tells how in each one she has the meanest mother in the world.
Style: Dramatic.     Duration: 7min
Actors: This can be done as a monologue or with four characters.     


(At rise: Character is seated, swinging legs like a 4 year old.)    
(pouting) I have the meanest mother in the world. Other kids had candy and Twinkies for lunch, but I have to eat soup and sandwiches with (make face) whole wheat bread. Supper is gross too. Vegetables, fruit and sometimes even PRUNES. At least I'm not the only one with the meanest mother in the whole world. My brother and sisters have her, too.
(age 8, pacing)
I have the meanest mother in the whole wide world. If we disobey she
actually strikes us. Not just once in a while either but every time we are disobedient. Can you imagine hitting a child just because they've broken some stupid rule like (change voice to mother's) "Don't throw the cat off the roof" or "Don't give the Dcon to your baby brother". You begin to see how really mean she is. Sometimes my mother thinks she's a judge,
saying (mother voice) "always tell the truth, the whole, truth and nothing but the truth." even if it kills us. And sometimes it nearly does (rubs bottom). The worst is yet to come. We have to be in bed at nine and up at seven. We never get to watch the late, late, late show or sleep in until noon like all the other kids do. And she never pays attention to the child labor laws either. (mother's voice) "Wash the dishes, make the beds, cut
the grass, take out the trash”. We have to do all these cruel and inhumane things.  She and dad must lay awake nights just dreaming up horrible things for us to do.

(Change to 12/13 years old voice, standing, arms crossed) I have the meanest mother in the whole world.  I have limits on using the cell phone! Notice I didn’t say MY phone. No, we kids only get the kid’s phone when it’s (switching to mother voice) necessary. Plus, we have a schedule for who gets the computer. I don’t see why I can’t be on it when no one else is using it. Plus she acts like some kind of drill sergeant (switch to mother voice) “You’re not going out dressed like that and not until I’ve looked at your homework”. She's the nosiest mother, too. Always wanting to know where we're going and who we're going with and when we'll be back. And you won't believe this.We have to be back when we say we'll be or we get grounded!   It’s like having a ball and chain around your leg. (With fervor) She is mean.
(Change to adult)
When I was a child I KNEW I had the meanest mother in the whole world.   
Now I'm the meanest mother in the whole world. The other night my 7 year old asked me if she could spend the night at a friend’s house. I said "No" because it was a school night. She called me the meanest mother in the world. I thought about my mother as she stomped off to her room. Then I thanked God I had the meanest mother in the world.


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