Summary: A Christmas Carol is based on the classic book by Charles Dickens, but with a twist. The good and kind characters around Scrooge are Christians hoping and praying that Scrooge will be saved.  They are not preachy, but instead show him Christ through their actions and the way they live their lives. The script includes notes for music that may or may be applicable to other performance groups.  For further information or clarification of this play please fee free to contact the writer.
Style: Drama.  Duration: 60min (?)
Setting: Ambiguous.  Could be Dickenss England or (as it has been successful performed) modern day USA.
Actors: 4F, 7M, 9M/F, 15-17C + various numbers of party guests at Fred's, Dancers at Fezziwigís Party, Carolers, Townspeople (Many characters are such that the one person can play 2 or 3 roles)

To download the script, CLICK HERE.