“The Prayer Dancer” is a Christian stage play for the entire family that is driven by the art of dance, rather than song. The voices of the four women you will encounter - Rachel, Amber, “Peaches”/Tamara and Joy – echo the words that I have spoken, felt, and lived over the years. Within three acts, this piece seeks to present a realistic portrayal of four women on their Christian journey, who face issues of abuse, the inability to conceive, wavering commitment to God, and insecurity about God’s will, plan, and purpose for their lives. While exploring their relationship with Christ and each other, they are bound together by doubt, fear, anger, and faith. Throughout the play, dance will help tell the story, express emotions, and demonstrate a unique form of praise and worship.
Style:  Dramatic.    Duration:  90min (approx)

To download a copy of the script, click on the link below

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