Imagine a world where coming to church on Sunday was against the law; where owning a Bible could get you arrested; where sharing the gospel with someone who does not know Jesus could get you killed. Imagine a world where friends and family members could one day simply not come home without any explanation. They just disappear. Where people you think you know could turn out to be informants and betray you. Imagine a world where your property, assets, and belongings can be taken from you without recourse simply because you call yourself a Christian; where the police and government turn a blind eye to your suffering. This is the plight of the persecuted church. This is reality for Christians in places like China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and many other places.
This play is an attempt to bring into sharp focus the plight of the Christian church. Although the characters and locations are not real, the situations that will be portrayed are based on actual eyewitness accounts that have been reported to Voice of the Martyrs, an organization dedicated to helping the persecuted church through education and relief.
Keywords: Persecution, oppression, martyrs, torture, prison, suffering, witnessing
Style: Heavy (not suitable for children). Duration: 60-90min.
Actors: 9M, 3F, 1C
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