Summary: A narrated mime about the unity, co-operation, love and understanding, which make us truly one in Christ.
Style: Dramatic.   Duration: 2min
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12 Verses 12-27
Actors: 6M/F


Five people are the voices only of the ear, eye, brain, arms and feet.  The sixth person (mime artist), stands in front of them to represent the body.  (Props needed are binoculars, spectacles, goggles, water wings and whistle).  One other person to sit at the back of the hall to cry for help, and hand a doll to the “body” as he or she swims forward to pluck her from danger.


Ear:        I am the ear.  It is my job to listen.  (Cups hand around ear).

Eye:    I am the eye, and I see far and wide.  (Scans the horizon with binoculars).

Brain:    And I am the intelligent one, the brain.  I make decisions, I put plans into action, I act on every impulse.  (Puts on spectacles).

Arms:    I am the arms, I represent strength.  (Poses as a muscle builder)

Feet:    I am the feet, and I run with speed.  (Runs on the spot wearing a tracksuit)

Voice from the back:    Help!  Help!

Ear:    I am the ear, I can hear someone calling for help.

Eye:    And I spy with my little eye - someone in danger, it is a child in the water.

Brain:    I call the body into action. (Blows whistle) I decide to go to the rescue.

Body:    (Puts on water-wings and goggles, takes ‘run and jump’, then ‘swims’ to back of hall).

Feet:    (Shouts..) My feet run to the rescue!

Body:    (Returns with doll)  (From now on the mime artist (the body) expresses in his own way the following words).

Arms:    My arms have lifted the child to safety.

Feet:    (Feeling superior..) Did you see how fast I ran?  Without my speed she surely would have died.

Brain:    Come, come, feet, toe the line.  Admit that without my superior knowledge and thinking skills you would have run in the wrong direction.

Arms:    What about me?  I lifted her out! I’ve never seen a brain hold anything before - apart from sawdust!  You think you know everything.

Ear:    Ear, ear, I’ve got to hand it to you arms, you never pull any punches.

Eye:    Aye!  Aye!  There’s trouble afoot here, don’t you see we’re all necessary?  We need each other, we’re all one, not separate parts!

Brain:    You’ve always been a good pupil eye, we can always rely on you to help us see straight.

Feet:    (Feeling inferior) Well, I feel that I don’t belong, I’m just a foot.  I’m nobody.  I’m beneath you all.  I started the argument in the first place, and now I feel a proper heel.

Ear:    But your still part of us, we all have different jobs to do, that’s all.  We really couldn’t have done without you just now.  That young girl wouldn’t have been rescued if any of us had failed;  it’s so important to work together.

Feet:    You’re a good listener, ear.  I’ll tell you what, let’s wake up mouth and we’ll all have a drink to celebrate.

(All characters walk off together)

Copyright Sheila Hamil, all rights reserved.
These dramas are intended for use in churches, youth clubs and schools and can be photocopied, but they are to be used in no way for personal gain, as I have made them available for you and am gaining nothing myself. It is my wish that anyone making profit from them in any way, should direct those profits to Christian Aid or some other recognised charity. More scripts can be found at my web site,