Summary: In which a person discovers that God requires more than just the trappings. Keywords: Giving, sacrifice, commitment.
Style: Dramatic/light-hearted. Duration: 2min
Actors: 1M/F

One character, carrying 2 or 3 expensively-wrapped presents (or a lap-top, or other high-value gadget/item) and wearing a very smart coat/jacket.


Mime stands facing congregation, smiling contentedly.

{an offering plate/bag is placed by a Steward – or whoever does this in your church – on the floor in front of the actor/actress (“A”). The Steward withdraws}.

“A” mimes taking coins out of coat pocket, carefully selects just 2 or 3, and puts them in the plate/bag, putting the rest back in pocket. Looks self-satisfied.

Looks upwards (sky ? heaven ?) with surprise, as if hearing a  voice from there.

Gestures back as if to say “what, me ?”

Then mimes getting the rest of the coins out of his pocket, and puts them ALL on the plate.

Again, looks up as if in response to a voice …..gestures at plate as if to say “isn’t that enough ?….you want MORE !?”

Mimes taking out wallet, places high-value note on the plate, with a flourish.

Same gesturing routine again (getting a little more irritated/impatient each time), and puts the parcels (or lap-top) on the plate.

Same routine again, ends up putting his/her smart coat on the plate. Gestures “OK – you’ve got the lot now – shows empty pockets, empty wallet, lack of coat).

Listens yet again, this time for several seconds …slowly realises that God wants his/her whole person on the plate. Gestures at whole self in question (e.g. points both hands at own chest while doing a long questioning look), and apparently gets a positive answer.

Slowly steps on to the plate, then bows head, arms by side.

© Copyright Chris Sloan, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
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